Posted By: Cobra (Breaking the waves) on 'CZbazar'
Title:     hledam programatora
Date:      Mon Nov 28 16:53:10 2005

kolega schani zkuseneho java developera (viz nize). Pokud o nekom vite, 
dejte mi vedet. Spatne se mu/ji u nas rozhodne nepovede.

Dear colleagues,
I am desperately looking for senior developers to work in the area of web 
services (SOAP over TCP/IP and WS-Policy). In these positions the people will 
work in a distributed team (i.e. a lot of conf. calls and a great chance for 
traveling). Here are the skills that we are looking for:

Core skills:
- Strong java programming skills (up to date with JDK 5.0).
- Knowledgeable on concurrent/multi-threaded programming in Java.
- Fluent English

Specific skills:
- Experience with XML processing in Java.
- Experience with application servers.

Nice to have skills:
- WS-* protocols
- Open source experience

The candidate has to be able dive into quite a large code-base fairly quickly 
and not be afraid to get their hands dirty playing around with JAX-WS, 
Glassfish and Mustang.
For the SOAP over TCP/IP work it would be preferable if the candidate has at 
least a basic knowledge network protocols (HTTP, TCP/IP) and corresponding 
Java APIs, and some experience with measuring performance of Java 
Being a sharp fast learner would trump any lack of specific skills in the 

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