Posted By: Zovirax (Galaxia) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     R.A.F. - First Transmission music disk!
Date:      Thu Sep 21 10:14:51 1995

Hello, everybody!

    I have a great pleasure to announce that Czech demo scene has a new music 

             R. A. F.

which comes to public with its first production

             FIRST TRANSMISSION music disk.

It features 11 songs of many styles from trance to some nice music <g>
with total playing time 55 minutes!

Don't waste time and download  1.142.626
(both files reequired)

R.A.F. has currently three members (Zovirax - me, Trifid, Psylocybe) and we 
would like more musicians to join us. We also seek coders and 
graphicians. Another music-disk is in progress and we want to be better and 
better and get a recognition in the whole worldwide PC music scene.
If you think you could help us, let us know.

Have a good time with our production and let us know if you enjoyed this 


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