Posted By: Fencer (IrreparableScorpion) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     2PAT 2.0
Date:      Fri Sep 22 08:48:41 1995

    Hey hou!

    I've just found a new sample converter and player with many useful 

    - Audio & Wavetable Instrument File Format Converter & Player
    - great as WWW-helper application - plays nearly all (compressed) 
subformats of its supported input formats
    - req. Windows 95 or NT 3.51 or Win3.1 + Win32s 1.3
    - auditioning support (optional): GUS (MAX / ACE), Turtle Beach 
Maui/Tropez, SB AWE32, DAC-Mode (every Windows-soundcard can play the
sounds contained in a multisample or module)
    - if you think "Convert14" can handle many formats then take this 
(oompphh) :
Import: aifc, aiff, au, avr, cdr, dewf, dmf, dsf, dsm, efe, eui, f2r, far, 
fsm, gkh, iff (8/16 bit), ins, krz, med, mdl, mod, mtm, okt, pat, psm, raw, 
sam, sbk, sdk (s50, s550, s330), sds, sdx, sf, smp, snd, snd (Akai), sndr, 
sndt, spl, stm, s3i, s3m, syw, txt, txw, 669, ul, ult, uni, uwf, voc, wav, 
wfb, wfd, wfp, xi, xm.
Export: au, aif, iff (8/16 bit), pat, raw, sbk, sds, snd, txt, wav, wfb, wfp, 
clipboard, DAC-device (every Windows-soundcard).

    Where to find it? As usually 


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