Posted By: Fencer (IAmSureINeedYouToo) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     New versions of GW and CP
Date:      Thu Oct 12 08:16:08 1995


    Well, I've got new versions of famous utilities GoldWave 3.02 (new: 
distortion, doppler, noise gate, user defined filter, flanger) and Cubic 
Player 1.5 (new: 3 animations, 48 & 64 bit Oversampling-Interpolation). 
Available to download on my homepage as usually, or on Next, 
there is Mod 4 Win 2.25 probably supporting *.xm format but it failed on my 
comp, no sound, still having bugs ... so, feel free to test it. I almost 
forgot, there's a small prog for conversion wav -> xi, it's called Wav to XI 
converter 0.7 beta, also available on my homepage, I still didn't test it.


I still can't die - maybe there is someone who needs me.
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