Posted By: roumen (No comment...) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     Re: XM player ?
Date:      Tue Oct 31 13:47:03 1995

> > And by the way, what's so special about scream tracker ?
> It's the best tracker! [for me]  And I'll never start to use Fast Tracker
> 2.xx due to its non-stereo tracks [damned stereo samples!]. It replayes my 
> s3ms in mono. *sigh*
Try to set up stereo in config :-) and then change panorama for each 
instrument in an instrument editor. It should become stereo. ;-)

P.S. ST is really the best. :-)) But the real reason for this is (in my 
opinion) that it was FIRST. Otherway I think that FT is better. I think it's 
almost proffesional tool for composing of music. At least it gives you 
possibilities of cheaper sample-player but with minimum cost.

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