Posted By: jimmac (jimmac) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     Samples
Date:      Sat Nov  4 15:43:02 1995

Because this board hasn't been posted for quite a while, I'll fill it up with 
some crap text about my tracking. I startd tracking, because the mods i used 
to listen to just made me crazy at some parts and sucked at all the rest. I 
tried Sceam tracker at firs, but it seemed to complicated for me, cause i 
don't play any instrument and don't even know notes. But since i knew people 
tracking without any of this knowledge it really pissed me off that they were 
able to thing i can't. and then i tried FT2. It was very easy to learn how it 
works and it even changed me in the way how I made modules. I started with 
playing and recording channels, but after some time i used to make modules 
the same way people do in ST and other trackers. You make a pttern, play it, 
change it, play it ... and so on. But as a begginer you need to have some 
time and practise before you do it this way. thats why i like FT so much, 
cause it's the ultimate LEARNING tool. And now about the samples i promised 
to talk about. I never knew that a sample can do so much to a song. In house 
or ambient it doesn't matter if you've got a goot tune (well you need to have 
some, but it's not that important...) so much as you need to have good 
samples. And stereo effects and volume levels. Sometimes i even like the 
sound itself and don't need a tune. A small tip for begginers (i still 
include myself here...) if want to have really good sounding drums, try to 
have faster pattern speed and make an instrument with different drums samples 
and record a track with this instrument, that enables you to have a base drum 
and for example hihat being recorded at once, so it sounds more complete 
right from the beggining. And don't get pissed of by the more experienced 
saying your music is too repetitive and sucks generally, you'll onlz get 
better by practice. And don't be affraid to mail me your pieces, i'll love to 
listen to anything new. BTW here are my favourites: mercury rain (s3m), 12th 
sector (xm),



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