Posted By: Fencer (ReadyToBlastZoviraxInDoom) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     Re: Tempo
Date:      Wed Nov 29 22:37:12 1995

> Can anyone explain me why some mods are changeing tempo from one value to
> another and then back to original value? For example A08-A07-A08...
Well, I also used such speed changes [beware - don't forget the difference
between tempo and speed] in my song "Light in the Darkness" because those
times I didn't know anything about Txx [Scream Tracker] or Fxx [xx>31, mods]
those define 'computer tempo' or 'BPM speed', 125 BPM is default, and I wanted 
the speed faster than 6 and slower than 7. Of course, nowadays I'd certainly 
use the Txx [Set BPM speed] command, e.g. 135, with similar effect. Read 
st3.doc or built-in help at Fast Tracker 2.xx for more info.


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