Posted By: Zovirax (Musicians! Join R.A.F.!) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     R.A.F. - New uploads!
Date:      Wed Dec 20 10:46:29 1995

Yes! R.A.F. is not dead!

In fact, we have some more muzaks in process. In the mean time, you can 
download our two new releases:

DESIRED by Zovirax (S3M) - techno/dance
SLOW TOWN by Trifid (XM) - this is quite a melodic tune :) (134KB)
                                              /xm/r/  (333KB)

(it could be also found on German mirror could be)

Special thanks to Fencer for uploading.

Enjoy our music!
Musicians, join R.A.F.! 

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