Posted By: Fencer (FlameOfStars) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     Re: mods
Date:      Fri Dec 22 15:59:06 1995

> Where to get new mods and samples ?
> Where to get a complete version of FT2?

Have a look at my homepages or, or my private ftp archive

> I think i am pretty good at  making modules, but just on AMIGA. I have done
> more than thirty of them. Now I am trying to do some on PC.
> If you would like to hear some of them, let me know!

If you're as good as you said, prove it! :)  I mean - send me yer mods to or put them on any ftp or www server.

Fencer (still don't know if I should create Blue Star as music-disk ...)

I still can't die - maybe there is someone who needs me.
Jeste nemohu zemrit - mozna je tu nekdo, kdo me potrebuje.

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