Posted By: Fencer (BlueStar-Feb/Mar) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     New stuff on Fencer's homepage
Date:      Fri Jan  5 12:12:46 1996

        Hiya there!
        I've downloaded two new trackers yesterday and they look pretty
good, check it yourselves:
    Velvet Studio 1.0 demo (711 kB)
    - TP5 version - final version will come next
    - quote from the README: "... will hopefully set the new standard for
    - combines the advantages of FastTracker and ScreamTracker -
      IMHO with the disadvantage of an overloaded & sometimes non intuitive
      user interface
    - runs also fine under Win95 !
    - supports SB (PRO,16), GUS
    - song-formats: MOD, S3M, STM, ULT, MTM, XM, it's own format AMS
    - instrument-formats: PAT, XI, AIS
    - sample-formats: SMP, WAV, IFF, S3I, ASE
    - sample editor (8/16 bit) with effects like flanger, chorus, crossfade,
      timecompression, fix loop
    - enhanced volume, panning & vibrato envelope definitions
    - customizable user interface (keymappings, colors, ... all you want ...)
    Impulse Tracker 1.0 (318 kB)
    - hey, you ScreamTracker users will love it - 1:1 copy with some great
    - SCRM-like limitations: no mouse, 8 bit / 64k samples max.
    - supports SB (PRO,16), GUS
    - loads STM, S3M, MOD & IT (its own)
    - variable pattern length
    - 64 channels, intern 256 for managing the NewNoteActions
    - this means, you can play a melody at ONE channel - and each note will
      fade off (customizable)
    - supports Volume envelopes, ping-pong-loops and sustain loops
Where to get it:

I still can't die - maybe there is someone who needs me.
Jeste nemohu zemrit - mozna je tu nekdo, kdo me potrebuje.

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