Posted By: roumen (No comment...) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     Doom-ripper4-mus2mid-cp-Gravispatches
Date:      Thu Jan 11 14:27:02 1996

the subject tells everything, I think. ;-) I used all SW anounced here to rip 
out the music from DOOM and DOOM2. RIPPER4 does the job very well and is 
quiet fast, especially when you specify that you want search for MUS files 
only. Enclosed MUS2MID converter work fine too but is terribly slow. :-( I 
think that one of these two makes a small mistake becouse resulting MID is a 
little bit slower. Then CP is on turn. I have a GUS patches installed as in 
DOC is mentioned so finally I can hear Doom music wave-table-like on my Sound 
Galaxy Pro 16!! :-)
And a result? In my opinion all Doom music sounds more depresively with the 
patches. Especially in DoomI is REALLY depresive music. Poor GUS users. ;-)

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