Posted By: Ricardo (Ricardo) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     max don't have S.x with your Eggs...
Date:      Tue Jan 16 12:59:17 1996

Hallo guys,
I'm also a man who did make some cool tunes. On Amiga, of course... Maybe 
you've heard some of them ('Corforrate','Pump Up The Floor'), but that's the 
past. For now I work for software group called 'Black Souls', they're working 
on a brand new ray-traced shooting game... It  will be so good.

Allrigh, Max, You're a cool man, aren't you. I'm pleased 2 be found somebody 
who is in. I mean who knows what_da_hell is drumloops 'n  breakbeats...

So, Feel The Jungle.



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