Posted By: Zovirax (R.A.F. is a demogroup!) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     R.A.F. has a home-page!
Date:      Thu Jan 25 16:42:25 1996

I have great pleasure to announce that the famous R.A.F. has a home-page!
Yes, now you can download any and all releases directly from our page!
If you think you are complete, there's a new release of R.A.F. on the page too.

It is a mellow song composed by me - Zovirax - in Triton's FastTracker2.04

  MISSING  - is quite a mellow song on 14 channels filled with 16-bit 

More release will follow soon. Oh, I would forget!

Thanks to Fencer who made this possible.

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