Posted By: Trensoft (Trensoft) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     New GUS utils?
Date:      Tue Feb 13 19:07:35 1996

                                      Hi everybody!

       I'm a new guy here, so I'd like to write some words about myself first.
I'm Tren(soft)  from 7-GODS demo group - musician and coder - from Kosice 
(Slovakia). I was (and I'm still) a ZX-Speccy user and a PC user for several 
years (but I've got my own just some months before ;)). I've made a lot of 
musix on ZX (maybe 50 or more) and I turned to PC since I7ve got a GUS. I've 
made some musix (.S3M) for PC, of course ;) (If U wanna, just send me a mail, 
or reply to this message on board). Well, I think that was enough about me, 
now my question...

Which is the newest MEGA-EM and SBOS release and where can I find them?
What about some better MIDI tracker (then Recording Session for Windows)?
Where can I find the musix from Assembly'95 multichannel compo?


P.S: If ya've got some nice musix to spread, just send me via e-mail or mail
     me the address of FTP site, where can I get it.
P.S.S: Greeting to Fencer...your Dreaming for db'95 was nice, it's a pitty, 
       that did not finish so well :( Maybe this year...


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