Posted By: DaRedEar (DaRedEar) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     FMsynth emulator
Date:      Wed Feb 14 11:27:49 1996

Hi, Da Red Ear is here.....

I'm looking for some _COOL_ synth emulator. I've seen some for Gravis, but I 
don't have any. I have SB16 & Turtle Beach MAUI (which is pretty good) and I 
want to make some synth .wav files for patches to MAUI. As I have said 
before, I've seen some programs which made this possible on GUS (you set some 
parameters of synth, like VCF, VCA, Modulation, LFO, Envelope and it makes 
the .wav file (or .pat file for GUS), but haven't seen this for SB.. :(
Any ideas ????

Da Red Ear [Red in Chat]; VYBIRAL5@FENIX.ZCU.CZ
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