Posted By: Jusoft (MyRealNameIsJusoft) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     Re: Slow FT2.04
Date:      Mon Feb 19 18:54:39 1996

   in FT2.05 is new mix routine for SoundBlaster output, but i think it is 
corupted. Sound is very bad, and when you try to volume up, it is terrible !.
I use still FT2.03, becouse in FT2.04 there is keyboard mistake (Dos shell) , 
this mistake is reparied in FT2.05. (Dos shell is on CTRL-~)
I know, mix routine in all FT2.xx is slowest than other trackers and speed in 
FT2.05 is the same ...
Bye, Jusoft. 

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