Posted By: Jusoft (MyRealNameIsJusoft) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     Re: FT 2.06 ???? NO! -> FT 2.04
Date:      Tue Mar  5 19:33:41 1996

> I think, there is still bug in ft206. I have SB 2.0 and when I put 
> amplification too high I hear poor sound. Probably some mistake
> in mixing routine ??? And why there is not automatical setting of freq.
> I'm still using FT 204... FT206 sucks!!!
> michelin 

   yes, there is a bug in FT2.06. I tested it with my SoundBlaster. When 
amplify is over 10x- 12x output sound is same like in FT2.05. But I use 
FT2.06, becouse there is removed keyboard bug and there is Anvance editor. 
When you play 4-channel music, amplify can be selected at 10x, but when you 
play 10- 16 kannel music amplify must be at 4x. Nezalezi to na samplovaci 
frekfenci, tudiz na rychlosti kompu (jak se to rekne english?). When you 
selec When I try to select 16-bit mixing, in output soud is NO diference...
Bye, valim na ve ceri, nemam CAS !!!

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