Posted By: Zovirax (R.A.F. - the best music) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     R.A.F. - 2 releases in 1 day
Date:      Tue Mar 19 16:42:59 1996

                     N E W   R . A . F .   R E L E A S E S

 Hi! I would like to announce two new releases from R.A.F. production:

 DREAMFLOW / Maximus (3m40s, 16 channels, S3M)

     Yes! Maximus is our new member and this is his debut song. This is a nice 
     relaxing music - kind of a nice change in our otherwise technoish style.

 ARTIFICIAL MINDS / Trifid (5m10s, 12 channels, XM)

     This one is for all Prodigy lovers! Yes! No other song I ever heard 
     comes closer to their original techno style. A total must.

 All our production can be downloaded from and its mirrors or 
 more easily from our WWW page which was modified this week again.

 This should be a place of your next visit. Let us know what you liked! We 
 need your feedback!
 Enjoy our music...


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