Posted By: FILCON (FiRsT ProFesIonAl GaMer) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     CP V1.666
Date:      Tue Mar 19 17:08:39 1996

  This new version can read .RAR archives.
 - new config (like WINDOWS shit config)
 - you can change sound device in cp
  and so on 
   FFFF I L     CC   OO  N   N     
  F     I L    C    O  O NN  N    tHeRe ARE oNlY TWO THINGs ... gAmES & lOVe 
  FFF   I L    C    O  O N  NN    BUT qUEStION is ....  
  F     I L    C    O  O N  NN    bUt QuEstION is ....  what IS bETtER?       
  F    II  LLL  CC   OO  N   N             NOTHING LIKE .....

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