Posted By: Fencer (TheEndAvailable!) on 'ComputerMusi'
Title:     Several probs
Date:      Tue Apr 23 14:36:11 1996

	Hiya guyz!

	My friend who bought my GUS has some problems and hopes 
someone'll help him ... Here we go:

	1) Does anybody have a description of GUS's MIDI connector? 
There's no description at the reference guide.
	2) Does anybody know any way how to connect two joysticks at 
once? I mean one to PC game port and another to GUS's MIDI connector. He 
did it and every program scans both joysticks as the same one.
	3) Any idea how to upgrade standard GUS's 8-bit sample channel 
into 16-bit one?

	Thanx in advance.


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