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Title:     GUS a MIDI? -English version
Date:      Thu May  2 15:31:33 1996

Hoy musicians!

I have keyboard CASIO number ??? It's about 10 years old. It costed about 
11 000,- Kc before 10  years. But now only 2 000,-. I bought it,because it has 
a MIDI Interface: 3 channels by 6 sounds allowed to play together. First 
channel is for the drums, 2. and 3. for the others  sounds. It would be a 
standard  MIDI interface. I tested it on ATARI ST and it works properly, 
without any problems. And here is my question :
     Can I plug this device to GUS PnP PRO? Keyboard has standard MIDI IN and 
OUT D-SUB 5-pin connectors, pluggable by standard MIDI cable. 
     Can I work with GUS PnP PRO in FASTTRACKER? Is there any problem?
Please, write me your advance with this, if any. Thank you.
Ano, kdo jsem a co tady delam:

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