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Title:     R.A.F. - New releases
Date:      Mon Jun 10 11:42:39 1996

                   N E W   R . A . F .   R E L E A S E S

 Hi! After a long time of exams I am finaly back to announce two new releases
 of R.A.F. The first one is a long house track. It can be quite repetitive for
 some of you but it will definitly make you dance with its agressive 
 percussions. :-) 

   SPACE CUBE by Psylocybe (154KB, 8m16s, 16 channels, S3M)

 And the latest release is mine. It started out as a house track. The result
 however is not so repetitive and uses several ideas. It is a dance song
 with my traditional techno bias.

   DOLCE ESPRESSIVO by Zovirax (184KB, 4m41s, 14 channels, XM)
    if it is not there, it must have been moved to

 As always, our releases can be downloaded from our Web pages:
 (You might wait a while to see the newest things there however)

 Some other things you might want to know:
 You can get the most up-to-date list of our releases with fresh URL's by
 using finger service:

 We are building our main Web page in US so the download could be faster for
 some of you. Although it still doesn't have all releases, it has more 
 information about us. You can try

 I hope you enjoy listening to our creations. Drop us e-mail what you liked.


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