Posted By: pnsoft (all I need is tracker...) on 'CZcompMusic'
Title:     NEBULOSITY 2
Date:      Wed Mar 26 13:02:40 1997

Jeste dodatecne posilam kopii zpravy prevzate z nejake newsgroup od lidi okolo 
Nebulosity ze 17.3.1997: 

Hello everyone.

Mysterium (Saurin) and Stalker (Ariel) here:

It seems that someone has maliciously uploaded a virus to our FTP
server.  Maybe they had a bone to pick with us or they just don't like
Pentium 166's.  Whatever the case, it remains that our server is
OFFLINE. Just try to access our page--it will not come up! After
finally getting our FTP after a month or so of convincing our ISP that
nothing would happen, we get a virus.  Thanks to the smart ass who did
this, we may NOT be able to continue Nebulosity. Why? Because we will
no longer have our FTP for you to upload to! We had high hopes for
this contest when we started, and we came across a few bumps in the
road for our rookie contest, and then we have somebody ruin the
contest! We still want to give that Pentium 166 but we can not unless
we have a FTP. If anyone can help us obtain one, please contact us!
Otherwise, until further notice, Nebulosity is suspended.

Thank you, and sorry that one person had to ruin it for everyone.

Sincerely, the disgrunted crew of Nebula Music Works 

Je to holt smula...Jo jinak kdybyste nekdo vedeli o nejakem jinem compu mimo 
MC5, ktere neni zamerene na techno atd., dejte vedet...

                     ...better to be mad than to be dead...

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