Posted By: michelin (michelin) on 'CZcompMusic'
Title:     New TRACKER on the scene!!!
Date:      Thu Apr 10 18:46:16 1997


dneska jsem cheknul MAZe a vidiiim: novej tracker na scene a podle popisu 
vypada docela rajcovne. Prej fasttracker klon. No uvidiiim. Jsem natesen. Je 
to sice zatim prvni verze, ale co. No tady Vam davam popis od maze 

WOW! Finally, a new star on the tracker sky! A 100% MUST DOWNLOAD! (Hell! I 
have to slowdown
          myself a bit I guess) 

          it looks like a windows-tracker, it runs (also) under win95, but 
it's a DOS4GW proggy

          RT doesn't want to win a feature war (no, no - doesn't has 5 effect 
columns) - technically spoken it is a 100%
          FastTracker clone (at least what I found out after playing around 
with it for a while)

          SVGA Multi-window graphical interface, up to 1280x1024 (registerd 
version only - pay your 15$ and it's

          supported soundcards: SB (+Pro+16), GUS, InterWave (yahooo!) plus 
automatic and intelligent GUS
          memory resampling (according to the quality of the samples)

          fully user definable keys

          loads modules: RTM (it's own), MOD, S3M, XM, saves: RTM, MOD, XM

          loads + saves instruments: RTI (it's own) + XI

          loads samples: RTS (it's own), IFF, S3I, WAV (mono, w/o loops), 
SMP, RAW, SND, saves RTS + SMP

          as I said, features all FT2 things, like exactely same command 
codes (effect syntax), volume/panning
          envelopes, vibrato settings, instruments editor, 16 bit samples, 32 
channels ...

          things in planning stage: MIDI in support + sample editor 



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