Posted By: Jusoft (myrealnameisjusoft) on 'CZcompMusic'
Title:     IT Wav driver
Date:      Fri May 30 21:11:18 1997

Jo tak uvidime, jak to s IT dopadn ...

Many of you know that Impulse Tracker is a free program. But, the WAV writer 
that comes with it produces mono WAV files.
To get the stereo WAV writer, an Email must be sent to Pulse, and he will 
sell it to you for a minimal charge.

Lately, there has been much talk about pirated versions of the stereo 
itwav.drv. Pulse has said that if he ever finds a pirated version of itwav.drv 
out there, he will STOP producing Impulse Tracker! In fact, last I heard, 
version 2.13 final will be the last version. 

So then, stop asking for copies of itwav.drv in #trax because no one will 
give it to you!

I (ShawnM) was personally insulted recently when I was told that a NOISE 
member was implicated in distributing a copy of itwav.drv. Pulse has assured 
me that this is NOT true. No NOISE member is or was involved in any pirating 
of itwav.drv. 

Additionally, Pulse received a disturbing E-Mail from someone. Here it is for 
all of you to see. 

> From: [removed]
> To: Jeffrey Lim <>
> Subject: Re: impulse addon request...
> Date: Wednesday, 30 April 1997 23:11
> dear Jeffreya Lim.
> i would like to tell you to Suck my dick.. Cuz...
> I'm asking for US$30....- 30$ my asssss.........
> >
> > Jeffrey Lim
> please contact Zir0 for more information....
> adios motha fucker...

Please help to discourage this type of attitude, and if you want the stereo 
WAV writer, PAY FOR IT! It's the least we can do to thank Pulse for this 
incredible program that he has written.  

                                  . .. . . .. .. bYE,  JUSOFT ... .. . .  

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