Posted By: michelin (michelin) on 'CZcompMusic'
Title:     New FastTracker 2.08 -> You suckaz!
Date:      Fri Aug 22 02:01:54 1997

Tak uz je na svete!

FastTracker 2.08!

A to jiste neni posledni verze jako impulse 2.14...
a tady je seznam novejch funkci:
NEW: MIDI support for SB16

          NEW: 32 bit HQ-mixer for SB16

          NEW: shortcuts in the sample editor

          NEW: Harddisk recording (to WAV)

          NEW: scale-fade volume function for track/pattern/block *phew*

          NEW: WAV Load/Save,

          NEW: Track Load/Save

Ojea! To je teda spousta veci...!
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