Posted By: michelin (michelin) on 'CZcompMusic'
Title:     GoldWave 4.00 -> Mame se na co teshit!
Date:      Tue Dec  9 21:42:53 1997

Tak jsem koukal na page goldwavu ( a vidim...verze 4.0 ma 
vyjit v prosinci. Tak abych Vas trochu navodil: check da featurez:

New features may include the following: 

     Detailed analysis tools 
     Effects: Noise reduction, pitch shift, time compress/expand 
     3D audio processing 
     Support for more file formats, plus custom formats 
     Configurable, dockable tool bars 
     Drag-and-drop cue points 
     More recording options (mix and channel control) 
     Vertical zooming on Sound windows and oscilloscopes 
     Audio extraction tools 

dobry ne?


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