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Title:     Fasttracker 2.10
Date:      Thu Jan 29 23:04:50 1998

Cauves Lidi,
tak sem sehnal nejaky news for ya ! Fasttracker is still alive ! Huahha !
That's cool ! Remembah ... Ft will never die ! Check this out:

Hey Folks,

I recieved this missive tonight from United Trackers...


            United Trackers
            Kosmos <>

United Trackers Newsflash
January 27, 1998

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Newsletter to bring you this
special bulletin !!!  The following broadcast is brought to you by


Stop Press :- Urgent news Delivery

OpalTec (myself) and Starbreeze have been discussing a sort of merger
as far as FastTracker is concerned. The two groups aren't merging, but
OpalTec are now in a position to release a new version of FastTracker.

The new FT 2.1 will include :-

1). Direct support for AWE32/64 soundcards, allowing for
2). SoundFont support
3). Time Compression (Stretch & Shrink!)
4). Filtering
5). Support for Zipped modules
      (open a Zipped mod or Zip up a mod and save)
+ anything else that can be thought of !

The new release will come from starbreeze studios. OpalTec does not
have any rights to the program, but do now have a creative interest in

Opal, the head honcho at OpalTec, will post news on his site
HouseParty.   for anyone who is

Skeete, a member of OpalTec, has said that we are very pleased to be
involved in the FT project, and we are open to suggestions ! What
people would like to see in the new version.

Suggestions should be mailed to Opal at  All mails
will be answered.

We now return you to your normal tracking...... Check out HoUsE PaRtY,
The dance music website.



The copy of the above post will be featured in our next Newsletter.
Any more information regarding this news can be sent to UT by replying
to this e-mail.

Thank you for your time.

C'ya GabberDan / Trance-o-Mania (Http://

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