Posted By: Pez (Pez) on 'CZcompMusic'
Title:     WinAMP 1.82
Date:      Thu Mar 26 10:51:58 1998

Lidi uz je to zase taky. JE tu novej WinAMP a to 1.82
Co ma novyho:
    - Still more ID3 genres 
    - Decoder bug fixed (for corrupted mp3s) 
    - New shell integration feature in preferences lets you specify if
        double-clicked files in Explorer are added to the playlist, or begin
        playback immediately.

A kde ho stahnout : Z

Nullsoft ma nejaky problemy z ftp a tak je ted download z jinuho, kde muze 
najednou tahat pouze 100lidi. Ja se o to pokousel asi 30 minut, nez sem ho 


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