Title:     Cizinec u nas (in English)
Date:      Tue Jan 21 04:48:20 1997

 Prevzato z Webu, jelikoz neni board Experience, umistuji to sem:

While travelling by train to Ceske Budejovice from Brno I got off the train at 
the wrong station. There were signs all along the platform saying 'Zakaz 
Koureni'. Assuming this to be the name of the station, I wrote down 'Zakaz 
Koureni - Ceski Budejovice' and showed it to the woman at the ticket office in 
order to find the time for the next train. The woman burst into uncontrollable 
fits of laughter and gestured me to sit down. About 15 minutes later, she 
closed the ticket office, came up to me, got me by the hand and while still 
laughing took me to the right train. I later found out, much to my 
embarrassment and amusement, that I had actually been at Veseli NL station and
that Zakaz Koureni means No Smoking!

Shaffiq Yusufali Dar - UK (11/95)

                                             AHA (IC/ID/IO/IL)

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------                     "Kde byla, tam byl raj."                           slova na hrobe Evine

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