Posted By: networ (fan of King Diamond) on 'CZexperience'
Title:     Re: luna
Date:      Thu Nov 20 18:40:22 1997

Mesic je zly! King Diamond ma na nej tento nazor:

The Moon Is Full, Another Perfect Day Has Began
Like A Demon's Eye, That Devil's Eye
Will We Ever Die
 (Fatal Portrait - Helloween)

I'm digging graves, seven deadly tombs
I'm digging graves, below that crazy moon
 (The Graveyard - Digging Graves)

The only light inside this tomb
Is coming from so high above us
Watching through a tiny window,
the moon is looking on
 (The Graveyard - Trick or Treat)

I swear by the moon and the devil
I'll be their guardian if they will be mine
 (Spiders Lullabye - From the Other Side)

In the moonlight
I see children searching for their souls
In the moonlight, can you hear them howling on the wind

In the moonlight, not a bird is singing lullabyes
In the moonlight, I hear a church bell ring its evil song
 (Spider's Lullabye - Moonlight)

The moon was alive with its silvery eye
Staring right into My evil heart
 (Them - A Broken Spell)


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