Posted By: dammie (dammie) on 'CZgames'
Title:     Re: Panzer General II
Date:      Fri Nov 10 12:26:17 2000

Class Ability
ABILITY                 EFFECT
AD-Mechanized Veteran   Self-propelled AD may move and fire
AT-Tank Killer          No AT initiative penalty for movement into combat
ATY-Marksman            Range increased by 1
FTR-Skilled Interceptor Multiple intercept of enemy fighters
INF-Tenacious Defense   Ground defense increased by 4
RCN-Elite Recon Veteran Spotting increased by 2
TB-Skilled Assault      Not affected by "Out Of The Sun" results
TK-Aggressive Maneuver  Movement increased by 1

Random Ability
ABILITY                 EFFECT
Aggressive Attack:      Attack values increased by 2
Aggressive Maneuver:    Movement increased by 1
All Weather Combat:     Not affected by weather conditions
Alpine Training:        Can move through forests and mountains as clear
Battlefield Intellig..  Cannot be surprised
Bridging:               Units treat rivers as rough
Combat Support:         Gives bonus to adjacent friendly units
Determined Defense:     Defense values increased by 2
Devastating Fire:       Unit can shoot twice
Ferocious Defense:      No unit can ignore this unit's entrenchments
Fire Discipline:        Units use ammunition at 1/2 rate
First Strike:           Unit fires first if initiative is won
Forest Camouflage:      In forest, unit spotted only when enemy is adjacent
Infiltration Tactics:   Ignores the effects of entrenchments
Influence:              Has prestige modifier for upgrades/replacements
Liberator:              User gets more prestige for capturing cities
Overwatch:              If anyone comes within range, unit fires
Overwhelming Attack:    Some suppression goes to kills
Reconnaissance Movement:Phased movement
Resilience:             Harder to destroy unit
Shock Tactics:          Long-term suppression
Skilled Ground Attack:  Bonuses provided to attacking ground units
Skilled Reconnaissance: Spotting increased by 1
Street Fighter:         Bypass city entrenchments
Superior Maneuver:      Bypass zones of control


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