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Title:     technicke pozice - Gemalto (pobocka Praha)
Date:      Tue Jun  2 13:53:14 2015

uz jsem nejakou dobu nespamoval a ted toho mame otevreneho docela hodne. 

Gemalto - celosvetovy predni dodavatel bezpecnych reseni. Delame v 
telekomunikacich (nejvetsi dodavatel SIM karet + sluzeb), bankovnictvi 
(kreditky, zabezpecene prenosy dat...), eGovernment (cipy a karty, 
biometrika) a dalsi.

V Praze ted nabirame na nasledujicich pozicich:
Configuration Management Officer
-You will be in charge of configuration management referential, process and 
rules to be applied on every IDP (Identity and Data Protection ) R&D Project

IT Senior Project Manager (English+French) . Government area
-Project Management: manage the delivery of the Government Programs solutions 
and services in accordance with predefined time, quality and cost criteria 
and as per contract 

Support & Production Operation Engineer . 2nd lvl (Allynis team) 
-To be part of the Support and Operation team responsible for operation, 
administration, and supporting of hosted solutions for Production
(tady bychom byli kolegove ;))

SW Developer C# (ICS DC) 
-Responsible for conducting, leading and coordinating software development 
activities in the scope of Government Programs (Issuance solutions National 
ID, ePassports, ...)

SW Developer Java EE (ICS Coesys R&D) 
-Responsible for the design and implementation of software components and 
products and server solutions in the scope of Government Programs (Issuance 
solutions National ID, ePassports, ...)

SW Validation Engineer/ Tester (ICS Coesys R&D) 
-As part of the R&D development team you will be responsible for product 
verification and validation (including customer/supplier acceptance)  

SW Validation Integration Engineer/Tester (ICS DC)

Operation and Support Engineer - 1st lvl (English+French)
(taky do naseho tymu)

Pokud by mel nekdo zajem, prosim ozvete se mi na, muzem si 
zavolat a povypravet o firme. Ja tu pracuju uz pres 4 roky a stale rad. :)

                  [ A project manager is a person who thinks
                    nine women can deliver a baby in one month. ]

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