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Date:      Thu Oct  1 13:49:50 1998


nevim, co je na tom pravdy, ale pro jistotu to tady mate:

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[ 29.09.1998 ]

Mirabilis' ICQ Client Searches
For Pirate Software!
If you have installed software that's been illegally obtained, you will be
It's recently come to the attention of ICQ users that Mirabilis are obtaining
application specific data from users system registries.
The registry value HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMirabilisICQDefaultPrefsAuto
Update  has been built in to Mirabilis' ICQ client since its first release.
The original intention of this registry key was to enable automatic ICQ version
updates without the user needing to download the latest version of the client.
Although this was the original intention by Mirabilis, since the takeover by
AOL this feature has been put to bad use.
It has allowed the Mirabilis server to modify your ICQ client and send it
commands when connecting to their servers. It's been seen to instruct PC's to
send various components of the system registry to the ICQ servers periodically.
This allows Mirabilis to see what software you have installed on your computer,
serial numbers used, your name, your company and in some instances even your
home address!
The information is being obtained. This could be sold to large software vendors
such as Microsoft who trying to combat software globally. If they have no
intention of selling this information taken from your computer without your
knowing, why are they doing it?
Should You Be Worried?
Unless you have pirate software on your computer, you have no cause for alarm.
If you have pirate software installed on your computer be sure that Windows is
registered to a fake name. If this is not the case, follow the instructions
below to disable this automatic updating feature installed by Mirabilis.
How Can I Prevent Mirabilis From Doing This?
The following instructions are intended only for those confident in modifying
the Windows registry using Registry Editor! (regedit.exe)
Step One
In registry editor find the key:
Step Two
Change the value of Auto Update to "No"
Should Mirabilis decide to put this feature to use by updating your client
you will still need to download it manually.
Macintosh and Java versions of the ICQ client are not affected!!!
More information pertaining to this problem can be found at Wired!

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