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Title:     Navrat nasich Romu
Date:      Wed Aug 18 13:40:48 1999

Clanek se objevil na serveru Virtual Finland. Nic nekomentuju a predkladam jak 
jsem "koupil":

Slovakian Romanies To Be Returned 

Most of the nearly 1,200 Slovakian Romanies who are asking for asylum in 
Finland will have their applications rejected this autumn. The county 
administrative court of Uusimaa has confirmed the decision by the office of 
aliens affairs that asylum should be refused to Gypsies who came here by way 
of the Czech Republic or Hungary. The office says Czechia and Hungary are safe 
countries from which the Gypsies could have sought asylum. 
The court has so far handed down nearly 20 rulings that can be regarded as
precedents. Over one thousand Gypsies came via the Czech Republic or 
Hungary, and will evidently be returned to those countries. The court has also 
confirmed negative decisions in respect of Romanies who came by way of EU 
countries. Under the treaty of Dublin, applications for asylum must be dealt 
with in the first EU country in which the applicant arrives. The court has not 
yet made any rulings regarding the return of Slovakian Romanies who came to 
Finland by other routes. Helsingin Sanomat, A3, entire item, see A5 for more. 

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