Posted By: Vulfila (SHE rulez over me) on 'CZpoetry'
Title:     Konec nekonecne dlouhych dni
Date:      Thu May 23 11:56:16 1996

je jimi vlastne samo 
(zcela lichymi nadejemi)
excrucior et amo
tak tohle, svete, nedelej mi.

Stalo se a ja o tom nevim
Hloupy hlupak a naivni'
Stalo se a jen tobe to povim
Pro konec tech desne dlouhych dni'

At to uz skonci!

                                            Vulfila, Got a vandal.

  "If you start day dreaming at work about an autumn day in the woods,
   the man next to you must be smoking Field&Stream."     [an ad]

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