Posted By: Sheri (5 days to CR!! YES!!) on 'CZsession'
Title:     November 2nd party in Brno..
Date:      Tue Sep 15 21:36:35 1998

Mescalito was such a nice place, I have asked Strasidy to reserve the same pub.
We had a great time in February.. I look forward to seeing you there.

If you want to come to the pub...

Address : MESCALITO, Starobrnenska st.  3 , tel. 05/ 4221 8804

How to get there : from the railway station : leave the hall (main or side
entrance ) and go LEFT, along the tram stops. At the end of the tram platforms
there is a clock  on a black pole. With your back to the railway station, you
should see big house with an inscription LAHUDKY on right and a house with
inscriptions BISTRO PADOWETZ and MASO UZENINY on left. Between them goes a
street - MASARYKOVA. You go this way (pass the sign PESI ZONA with a blue
circle ). After a few metres you come to the crossroads; go straight on
(follow the tram lines ) . You should  see a big sign PETROV (red letters )
on the house left . Then you come to the crossroads again; go LEFT (up) ;
(along the shoeshop and music shop on the right). You come to a sguare called
ZELNY TRH. In the centre of the square is a big stone fountain ; behind , in
the upper part of the square is another stone statue (morovy sloup ). From
that statue you see a green house on the right, at its upper corner is a
narrow street (STAROBRNENSKA ). There, on the left, is a pizzeria,on the right
is a yellowish house with four wooden doors. Above the fourth door are stones
forming inscription MESCALITO. Go still down the stairs.

OR take the tram number 12 or 13 to the stop SILINGROVO NAMESTI (you can find
a list of the stops on the timetable) . There is a crossroads and a small
square (Silingrovo nam. ) In its upper part there are 3 streets. The middle
is STAROBRNENSKA, go that way and turn right; Mescalito is then at the left

  > >  Mescalito is quite large complex of > staircases, corridors,
small and bigger rooms.. with a dance floor, bar, > computer games room and
silent places where you can chat...all that in the > centre of Brno, near
Petrov, beautiful church at the top of the hill (nice > view of the city, nice
walk... ) . The program of that night is 'Shitparada > aneb hity zaslych casu
' , so that the music might be quite peculiar... but > I think it wouldn't be
that bad, and our section is far enough from the > dancefloor anyway... :)  >

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