Posted By: Sheri (1 day til I leave for CR!) on 'CZsession'
Title:     We have some great times...
Date:      Sun Sep 20 05:04:53 1998

This will be my third visit in two years.. I think the czech people are the 
finest I know.  There have been so many great times in the past it would take 
many screens to share them.

It's 12 hours before I get on the plane to come to CR.  I don't know if I can 
sleep I'm soooo excited.  

So many people have made some great times possible by reserving hostels, 
pubs, etc. for me.  I thank each and everyone of them.  It is their efforts 
that make it the greatest time for us all.

I look forward to meeting many new friends and seeing old ones.  See you in 

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