Posted By: Sheri (Leavin' for CR today..YES) on 'CZsession'
Title:     Re: Jeste dotaz k Sheri navsteve...
Date:      Sun Sep 20 13:51:44 1998

I am staying at Hostel SPUS U synagogy
 address        U stare skoly 1, Prague 1
 phone/fax      00420-2-24819458
 from           21/09 till 24/09/98 its 3 nights
                from 18/10 till 19/10/98 its 1 night
enter in empty field street you want, f.e. U stare skoly, if you want street 
where your hotel U Synagogy is. I'm sorry but this site is in czech only.
You can change zoom and zise of map by pressing magnif. and/or size. You can 
move around map by pressing arrows.

If it failed, you can find map I've sent you here :"U%20

> Mam dalsi dotaz - kde ze se nachazi ten hostel "U sinagogy"? Ja jsem ho 
> zkousel hledat , ale nic jsem nenasel.
> Predem dekuji za hinty..
> Takovej uz sem ja...
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Email :
> 0603 / 747 534    |

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