Posted By: Sheri (Comin' 2 CR June 9th) on 'CZsession'
Title:     Comin' to CR...
Date:      Wed Mar 24 22:46:44 1999

I am happy to announce my schedule for flight to CR with my daughter Sarah.
June 9 - June 18 we will be in Liberec.  A party June 11th & 12th.  Other plans
are in the making.  If you are sure you would like to join in the fun please
let us know here.  I want this holiday for Sarah to be the finest CR  and
Sarah has ever had.
June 9th I would like to invite all that can come to our party in Prague.

If you have any ideas of what we can do in Prague, please suggest it.
One suggestion was a game night.  Cinema and dinner?  Let us know.  Closer to
the time of departure, we will post a schedule of things to do, when and where.
All that can come are welcome.  This will be my last time I will get the
chance to see many of you as I am starting my own cyber cafe soon after coming

June 8, 1999

Northwest Air aka KLM #1792
Lv:  Cedar Rapids     18:20
Ar:  Mpls/St. Paul    19:22
Northwest Air aka KLM #  56
Lv:  Mpls/St. Paul    20:55
Ar:  Amsterdam        11:55  June 9
KLM                   #8355
Lv:  Amsterdam        13:55
Ar:  Prague           15:25

June 28, 1999

KLM                   #3890
Lv:  Prague            7:30
Ar:  Amsterdam         9:00
KLM                   #8665
Lv:  Amsterdam        11:15
Ar:  Mpls/St. Paul    12:55
Northwest Air aka KLM #3103
Lv:  Mpls/St. Paul    14:55
Ar:  Cedar Rapids     16:05

See you there.... 

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