Posted By: Sheri (May 5, my birthday...) on 'CZsession'
Title:     I need help..
Date:      Thu May  6 03:33:39 1999

As you know Sarah and I will be in Praha 2.  We will be there from June 13 - 
28.  We want to see as many of my friends as we can.

June 18, 19, 25, 26th we need some ideas of pubs and reservations for these 
pubs for at least 25-35 people.  Our parties are usually big so this is a 
real number.

I want all to know, those I know there, those I know here.. you are very 
special to me.  I hope you can take time to come to these very special and 
important times. 

Please help me find places we can go when we are there an plan to join us.

A suggestion was made to have outside times.  I love the idea.

Before each of these times, I invite you to join us at the hostel.  

One week before we leave, we will post in engilsh board and translate it here 
our full schedule. 

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