Posted By: Sheri (May 5, my birthday...) on 'CZsession'
Title:     June 13 - 28th Prague Session
Date:      Sat May  8 02:45:23 1999

I do not understand your silence.  We have 32 days to plan places we can all 
come together in friendship.  Since I do not know Prague/Praha2 like you do, 
I can not make the plans from here and need your help.  

I call upon my many Czech friends to help me find places we can meet for 
parties on weekends and during the week.  There are rooms where we are 
staying we can leave from and decide at last minute.  I do not think this is 
right for many who plan to come from long distances.

Please help me in this?  I can't be here in your day as I work to make money 
for my shop.  Thanks for the support you can give me.

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