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Title:     Very long schedule Read ALL
Date:      Thu Jun  3 21:04:40 1999

Arrive Czech Republic:  KLM #8355  15:25 from Amsterdam, many coming to
the airport to greet us.

Leave  Czech Republic:  KLM # 389   7:30, sad time.. as many there as
could be would be very nice.

All times are CR times...

Arrive, go with group at airport to eat til 18:00
(Still need a place we can go to eat.)

June 9th - 13th
Avatar will pick me up at this place or the airport and take me to

Our schedule includes:

On Thursday the 10th of June
Meet at Liberec zoo at 13:00.
From the zoo we go to the botanical garden.
If we want to do anything afterwards, we will decide then.
You are welcome to join us if you have your own transportation, we will be
going by public transportation.

On Friday, the 11th of June
We will meet at 9:00 and leave from Lokomodiva. We will go to Frydlant
(the castle) and Hejnice (a monastery and an underground burial site) +
fabulous mountains. The party will take place in the evening.  Again, if
you have your own transportation, you are welcome to join us. We will
eave at 9:00 from Lokomodiva..

Friday night we meet at the city hall at 16:45, walk to Irish pub by

On Saturday, we'll go to Cesky Raj, Sychrov (a castle+park) and Trosky
(castle ruins) again meeting at 9am in city centre at city hall.

In the evening... we have a private dinner party to go to so no party.  

Leave Liberec :  Sunday June 13th early be in Praha 2 at hostel by 12:01.

Arrive Praha 2:  Address:
                 Hostel U Melounu
                 Ke Karlovu 7, Praha 2

                 Phone number:  420-2-24 91 93 30

                 A map is provided at:
                 All dates, times, etc. start from the hostel Common room
                 or bar.
I have reserved two dormitories for June 18th and 19th.  Sarah and I will
stay in our own room around those times.  Both dormitories are reserved
for the weekend of June 25th and 26th.  Again.. those that have
reservations are welcome to stay with us.  Currently, Martas2, Chochi,
Wonderland, another two have taken these beds. Seven total in these
dormitories.  It will be full but we have many other things to keep us
busy.. ;-) 1 or 2 more can reserve.   

Those that want private time better speak up.  I have had some invitations
but not sorted the details.  I strongly encourage you to mail me in liane
very soon, we leave this coming Tuesday to the Czech Repubilc.  We are   
both soooo very excited to see old friends, to make new ones and have a
great time gaining memories.  Sarah has worked very hard for this gift.  I
want this to be her time.  Be very supportive that she did this.  She's
going to have a blast just getting on the plane..;-)

Some that have already talked with me are Merlin, Chochi, Martas2,
wonderland, etc.  Those that I can't remember I didn't mention.  You need
to write me by Tuesday.  I am excited to hear from you again.

June 14 - 17 is still available.

Martas2 joins us June 20th.
Honza is coming too, Slegr, many new friends and old ones will be in and
out with us during unscheduled times.  If we leave when you come, we will
leave word the times and places we are going.
Talk with woman at office for messages.

I hope to see Pegas and his lady quite alot through this time. ;-) hint

Tuesday the 22 starts at the hostel at 10:00..

All day outing:  Starting with the Brunch at the Hostel 10:00.
12:30 start walking to the St. V museum
14:30 leave St. V Museum stopping by a coffee shop and
      window look.
15:00 Meet at Hostel for the start to the evening..Playing RISK or other
      games I'm bringing, real easy to learn games.
18:00 Meet at hostel Dinner, then pub(s). Honza has yet to mail me the 
of these pubs he's reserved for the party dates while in Prague. Again,
will tell you where we've went.  I believe many of these have food, don't
quote me ;-).  I also believe some are rented quite early to assure space
later.  You may want to mail him about it.
I will bring things for us to use for a meal called "Brunch".  It's the 
meal between breakfast and lunch for those that don't know.  We will shop
for fruits, and other things for as many as can fit in a room of 20.. we
have kitchen privs. also.  We have access to a room for all to meet.
During our stay in Praha 2, if we are to go somewhere.. this is the

Parking is safe in this area as they have locked in parking.  So I am

There are many blank spaces that can be filled with meals, touring, etc. I
would love to fill.  Please write me.

I look forward to seeing you all and thanks for reading this rather long
post. ;-)

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