Posted By: Sheri (CR ScheduleInCzSess&EngBd) on 'CZsession'
Title:     Very very EXCITED!!!
Date:      Fri Jun  4 17:50:29 1999

to be visiting my friends and seeing your great country again.  This is my 
fourth time in three years.  I look forward to seeing many of the old time 
friends as well as my new ones.  It will be an exciting adventure for both 
Sarah and me.  We have some very fine times planned and staying at a very 
nice home and hostel.  I thank all who have had a part in this holiday.  Most 
know I have very nice parties and want to meet others there.  Many couples 
have come about from our parties.  

Much of this time for me will be business and some pleasure.. this will be 
total pleasure for Sarah.  I am very delighted to see many firsts for her.  I 
chose Czech Republic cause the people have always been fine with me.. or at 
least the best they could be.. smiles.. 

We have many fine times planned, I'm bringing games easy for all to learn.. We 
have a game night planned.  many have been taught RISK.. you know who you 
are.. please join us?  If you don't know how, join us anyway.. it's a very 
good game to learn while there are many that can say in cesky.  I have some 
card games and bringing some frisbees.. meals, parks, walks, personal times, 
great people and places to see.

Thanks for being a great part of it .. be there.. we will be.  See you in CR..
Schedule, long that it is.. it's very detailed.  Know this, the hostel will 
know where I am and tell you if you ask them.  The schedule gives you most of 
the details that I can remember.

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