Posted By: Whiteman (Ride like the Wind...) on 'CZSF'
Title:     Jeste Terry Pratchett
Date:      Fri Oct 27 10:38:17 1995

Mam tady jednu zajimavou adresu pro priznivce Zemeplochy.
Da se tam najit asi toto(je to v anglictine, prekladat se mne nechce :-)
Welcome to the Terry Pratchett Archives!
    This ftp site contains five major sections:
    faqs      -   Frequently Asked Question lists. I recommend you start here!
    images    -   Scanned book covers and other picture files
    words     -   Text files (you'll find the Annotated Pratchett File here)
    sounds    -   Sound bytes
    games     -   Files related to Discworld games
To je vse.

C'ya later                                    Whiteman

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