Posted By: Lumo (* Lumidek is Gumidek *) on 'CZsport'
Title:     Altair z Auggie BBS o CZE:CAN
Date:      Sat Feb 21 05:05:40 1998

Tenhle post jednoho Americana z bbs, se mne zvlaste libil, z 20% 
kvuli memu patriotismu a z 80% diky moudrosti, takze vam ho take dam k 
Posted By: Altair (Alpha Aquilae) on 'Sports'
Title:     Re: Czech Republic 2 - Canada 1 (after the shoot-outs)
Date:      Fri Feb 20 11:17:13 1998

Truly an awesome game.  I hope the Czechs pull off the victory over Russia, 
too.  The Czechs may not be as athletic as the Canadians, but sports is 80% 
psychological and 20% physical, and the Czechs had the mind and the spirit to 
pull off the upset.  To me, it wasn't much of an upset.

Kinda reminiscent of last year's NCAA Basketball Tournament, where Arizona 
came out of a 10-loss season, dismal rankings, and a terrible seed, and beat 
Kansas, Minnsota, and Kentucky to win the National Championship. 

The U.S. and Canada could not handle Hasek's goaltending and the Czech 
players' spirit.  THAT'S what sports is all about.

Finally, I hope the U.S. players that trashed their rooms and injured the 
Canadian bobsledder get heavy fines and suspensions from the NHL.  There is 
no excuse for that, EVER.  They should be happy they got a chance to 
represent their country in the Olympics, something that had always been 
impossible for NHL players until this year, and they should be happy that 
they were considered good enough to go.  A lot of NHL players are sitting at 
home in North America.  Talk about disgraceful!
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