Posted By: podles (blame self) on 'CZunix'
Title:     Re: exim4
Date:      Mon Apr 25 16:51:11 2005

> Ahojda,
> > > > hello: localhost.localdomain 
> > > hlasil 
> > > hello: prave.jmeno.masiny
> > a hostname mas nastavene jak?
>       localhost.localdomain   localhost  prave

 To bude ono.
 Mas vlastne nastavene, ze "prave" je jen alias pro "localhost.localdomain", 
viz gethostbyname(3) a uryvek nize.

 Jinak v konfiguraci eximu muzes zkusit nastavit:
primary_hostname                 Type: string               Default: see below
    This specifies the name of the current host. This is used in the HELO
    command for outgoing SMTP messages, and as the default for
    "qualify_domain". If it is not set, Exim calls "uname()" to find it. If
    this fails, Exim panics and dies. If the name returned by "uname()"
    contains only one component, Exim passes it to "gethostbyname()" in order
    to obtain the fully qualified version.
(Je to ovsem z dokumentace k exim3)

> diky za dalsi namety :)
> Zdravi Michal (toho casu bez hosta)

... tak takhle bych to asi pojal
                                                   the lost whiner

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