Posted By: Xofon (Xof) on 'CZunix'
Title:     Re: vsftpd chroot
Date:      Wed Oct 18 19:20:27 2006

> v cem tkvi problem?

Q) Help! What are the security implications referred to in the
"chroot_local_user" option?
A) Firstly note that other ftp daemons have the same implications. It is a
generic problem.
The problem isn't too severe, but it is this: Some people have FTP user
accounts which are not trusted to have full shell access. If these
accounts can also upload files, there is a small risk. A bad user now has
control of the filesystem root, which is their home directory. The ftp
daemon might cause some config file to be read - e.g. /etc/some_file. With
chroot(), this file is now under the control of the user. vsftpd is
careful in this area. But, the system's libc might want to open locale
config files or other settings...

     Mi prislo, ze nektere ftp demony po zadani ls spousteji /bin/ls,
coz by byl ten samy pripad, ale radeji jsem se chtel podivat, jestli to
dela i vsftpd. Misto toho jsem nasel faq :-)

> dik
> Pavel


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