Posted By: tdr (smrt trotlum) on 'CZunix'
Title:     Re: NFS
Date:      Thu Oct 26 07:04:29 2006

> btw mam tam 2.6 a /proc/sys/vm/bdflush tam neni, a wod voka nic nazvem 
> podobnyho.

To musim vsechno hledat za tebe?
"- The bdflush() syscall is now officially deprecated. The syscall
  does nothing, and prints a stern warning to users. The functionality
  is replaced by the pdflush daemons."

...a s nim pribylo /proc/sys/vm/dirty_*

Co s tim, to uz si najdi. Podle me by to chtelo ty hodnoty zmensit.

Nejlepsi polevka je pivo !!!
                                                       tdr, v.r.

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