Posted By: Dzon (Rachot lebek!) on 'CZunix'
Title:     Re: trvaly ssh tunel
Date:      Tue Jun 19 06:01:31 2007

> Z openvpn examplu:
> # Uncomment this section for a more reliable detection when a system
> # loses its connection.  For example, dial-ups or laptops that
> # travel to other locations.
>  ping 15
>  ping-restart 50

tohle je afaik totez jako keepalive 15 50
coz tam mam

>  ping-timer-rem
>  persist-tun
>  persist-key

tohle prostuduju, diky

ale pokud je to server-side, tak to mozna nepomuze, bo to spojeni udrzi 
pingani z klienta [v tomto pripade][ted mam v crontab nejaky pingani].


##    Windows se aktivnim pouzivanim postupne stava nepouzitelnym,     ##
##   naopak linux se aktivnim pouzivanim postupne stava pouzitelnym.   ##

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